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  • Here at Gensrv we continue to explore new ways to add stability to networks. As we are aware many forms of renewable energy are intermittent at best. A good example is solar PV where significant energy swings can be introduced by cloud cover. In the last months we have been busy working on the sky camera system. Here we image the sky 4 times a minute and through software track cloud movement and opacity etc. These images provide future cloud cover data to our control equipment. Here we see a control screen for such a system providing in this case a 12 minute and 30 minute look ahead. We use this technology to smooth the solar PV output. The system automatically controls the set points of all inverter's and shapes for grid stability.

  • It's not all electrical in Power Plant design. Here we see one of our engineers working on 3D pipe design for a facility. This design work starts of in a process flow package such as "Pipe Flow Pro" which allows us to determine pipe and pump sizes to meet the consumer need. When pipe size is known we move to 3D drawing where we plot the positions of the end consumer and supply system to scale. With these points known a 3D model is generated using actual fitting, pipe and equipment data. From this model we can then generate the general arrangement drawings, the isometric drawings and bill of materials. These documents allow the procurement of parts and instruct how to assemble the system at the facility. In some cases we also perform stress analysis on the structures in another package.

  • Another busy week this time working with PLC and SCADA code. In this case a PLC management system for a generation fuel farm. here we control from two bulk tanks via a 3 way duty standby pump system to two day tanks. Spil from these is routed back to one of the two bulk tanks. Back in times past we always had panels full of gauges and buttons however today we use "Soft" desks. This example is in Citect 2018.

  • Paramount to equipment performance, health and longevity is the measurement of machine variables and operating to the correct parameters. Key therefore is the instrumentation on your asset. We remember performing works on our first power assets with Kent Commander class instruments and Bailey computing relays. (That’s bellows and gears or 3 to 15 psi in our old terms.) Today's devices are much smarter, more reliable and require less maintenance.

  • It is inevitable that components come to an end of life. This week in Gensrv we completed a very critical replacement of some turbine compressor blades. These GT blades are the first set found in the GT compressor and as such are also the largest. The blades are fitted with mid span connections to reduce vibration. Where each blades midspan spur meets there is a ware pad damper. The blades in this machine had lost all material from the ware pads increasing blade flex and vibration. All blades were removed and new balanced items fitted.

  • A busy week in GenSrv with engineering design and tenders. Today we have been working on Solar Hybrid designs. In this case for an island power supply with 6 hours peek sun and a 25 kW load. Our solution uses SMA PV inverts on a 600 panel field. This output is manged by SMA battery controllers with storage batteries. The controller manages the 3 phase system load and frequency using the output from the PV array to charge the battery's. When not enough solar energy the battery's are utilized. In very bad times a diesel generator can supply the load.