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Key to our operations and maintenance services is the installation of a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS). Gensrv are currently working on installations from Mincom Mims, IFS and MEX.

The Screen above is from MEX (Maintenance Experts) and is used for one of our clients. The system is used to collect data about the equipment at the facility and provide information to the teams who need it. Typical modules used at the site include: -

  • ·         Asset Hierarchy Structure, Asset Register
  • ·         Routine Maintenance Tasks, Work Orders
  • ·         Preventative Maintenance tracking, Work Orders
  • ·         Spare Parts Inventory and Management
  • ·         Plant Documentation and Data

The system was populated by Gensrv staff after performing a detailed audit of the site assets and in-depth review of the OEM manuals for the plant. In many cases the data investigation went back to the item manufactures resources. This data is then added to the CMMS and assigned to a particular asset.